Considered by all but himself to be the greatest wizard alive. (He considers Alex to be the greatest wizard alive.) He is Alex’s mentor. He has trained many people as wizards, but only two of those trainees went on to become true wizards: Alex and one other person, Jabez. His home is in Alusia, one of the known lands. He looks a little older and somewhat thin. He is “almost six feet tall with shoulder-length silver-gray hair and a neatly trimmed goatee” (2:346).

He has trained countless apprentices, though only two have become true wizards, one of those being Alex.

He has been alive in the Known Lands for almost seven hundred years. He has incredible memory, and as he told Alex he has learned to organize information in his mind. When he was younger he experienced a similar fear to Alex, that because he learned spells so easily, they would slip away just as easily.


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