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One of the Known Lands.

Spring comes slowly in Vargland. It is not often frequented by visitors. The Oracle of the White Tower lives in Vargland, as does Calysto and Sindar of the elves of the dark forest and King Osrik and Thrain of the dwarfs. Slathbog lived in Vargland until his death. The Ruins of Aunk are also in Vargland. It is of course home to a great arch.

Dwarf Realm of Vargland[]

Few wizards have visited the dwarf realm of Vargland. The dwarf realm is in the Brown Hills, on the road to Varlo. There is much true silver in the cities, and the cities are massive and very impressive. The existence of true silver is well kept, for fear of the city being overwhelmed by people seeking the valuable metal. The realm is ruled by King Osrik. Horses are not permitted in the city.

Elf Realm of Vargland[]

The elves of Vargland live in the Dark Forest, near the Brown Hills. Calysto is the queen of the Dark Forest. Sindar is from the Dark Forest.


Varlo is an ancient city and was very rich. Many hundreds of years ago, Slathbog invaded and conquered the city, destroying or driving out all inhabitants. It has a castle nestled against the mountains, with an underground escape tunnel. Varlo was freed by Silvan Bregnest and his company on Alex’s first adventure, and people began returning to the land and it began to blossom. The city is surrounded by a great plain.


Book 1: Slathbog's Gold


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