It is located in the northeast part of Norsland, amidst the Mountains of the Moon, many weeks from the Great Arch. It is the centerpiece of magic in Norsland, but it has been more than two thousand years since a wizard lived in the Tower and controlled the magic. There is a legend that from a certain line of magic-wielders in Norsland would arise a true wizard, the son of an adventurer, who would take control of the magic and Tower and use it to save the people of Norsland. It has not happened yet.

The Tower is guarded first by a Sphinx (at the First Gate) and then a Griffin (at the Second Gate)—together, the Guardians. The road from the Enchanted Woods to the First Gate is decent, but the path from the First Gate to the Second Gate is treacherous. The First Gate is “at least two hundred feet high” and is apparently made of solid granite; it was carved out of the mountain (2:204). It has no doors or bars, only a great archway lined with pillars. The Second Gate is made by the wings of the griffins forming an archway.

The Tower contained a fairly large treasure until it was taken by Alexander Taylor during his second adventure. Alex is marked as friend of the Tower by leaving behind a coin with symbols representing him. There were two libraries in the Tower: the Lower Library was a collection of books on dark and evil magic, while the Upper Library was a collection of books on good magic. The Lower Library was placed into the magic bag of Sedric Valenteen by order of the Dark Shadow, but Alex transfigured the magic bag into a breeze to prevent the Dark Shadow from returning and claiming the library. The Upper Library was taken by Alex.

Lower Library of the Tower of the MoonEdit

The Lower Library of The Tower of The Moon was a huge, dangerous library at the bottom of the Tower of the Moon in Norsland. It was destroyed by Alexander Taylor.

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