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One of the Known Lands. The dwarfs are a prominent race there. There are elves, but they are reclusive, and there are also smaller cities of men.

The Great Arch is located in the Gray Mountains, the capital area of the dwarf realm. The Blue Mountains are far to the southwest of the Gray Mountains, and goblins are known to live there. Kazad-Syn is to the south of Benorg, and the Lost Mountains to the south of Kazad-Syn. The city of Neplee is in the Lost Mountains. Gal Tock is to the south of the Lost Mountains. At least two Thunderbirds live in the far south of Thraxon, out in the Eastern Sea.

The Eastern Sea is about two hundred miles east of Benorg, across a vast plain where few people live, on account of the hard winters. There is a small town in the middle of the plains. The Isle of Bones is in the Eastern Sea. The southern coast of the Eastern Sea is more populated than the northern coast. Northern winters are hard in Thraxon, and the year is fifteen months long. There are six months of winter, two months of spring, five months of summer, and two months of fall. Dunnstal is on the northern coast. Darvish is to the south of Dunnstal. The Empty Tower is in Darvish.

Hellerash used to live in Thraxon, but were killed off about one thousand years ago. A necromancer brought them back to life a couple years before Alex arrived. Alex destroyed every remnant of hellerash in Thraxon.

Dwarf Realm[]

Benorg is the capital of the dwarf realm of Thraxon and is located near the Great Arch, in the midst of the Gray Mountains. King Thorgood lives there. One of the most prominent dwarf cities is Kazad-Syn, a few weeks ride to the southeast of Benorg. There are many other dwarf cities throughout the land. King Thorgood is the king of the dwarf realm. Illius of Burnlap was a dwarf lord until Alex exposed his treason and he was punished. Thrang Silversmith and Halfdan Bluevest are ministers in the dwarf realm.


Benorg is the capital of the dwarf realm of Thraxon and has been for nearly three thousand years. It is about five days ride from the Great Arch and is in the heart of the Gray Mountains. Most of Thraxon is to the east and south of Benorg.

The above-ground part of the city is fairly new. The underground portion is thousands of years old. Horses are allowed in the upper part, but not the lower part. The king has a small reception area above ground.

The archives of Benorg are extensive and hold many thousands of books and parchments. Some of the documents were written by the Elves of Thraxon.


Kazad-Syn is one of the largest dwarf cities in Thraxon, south of Benorg by a few weeks travel.

It is built close to the mountains, and the surrounding areas are on hills so people approaching crest the hill and see before them the city. Part of the city is enclosed by a wall, which is a pale, milky green color, looking “more like a giant hedge than a wall of stone” (3:235). Many buildings inside the wale are made of the same jade-colored stone as the wall. There are many trees in the city.

It is “known for its jade-colored marble. Stone from this area has been shipped to most of the Known Lands” (3:236). The raven is the most respected bird in the city.


It is in the Lonely Mountains, some ride south of Benorg. It was a prosperous city and has huge seldom used libraries, which house many old books. The dwarf wizard Nethrom learned of the existence of a hidden cave near Neplee where magic was involved. Nethrom found the cave and was possessed by the ancient evil Mog. Mog then enslaved the people of Neplee. The people were rescued by Alex when he destroyed Mog. As a reward, Alex was named a dwarf lord of Neplee.

Realm of Men[]

The Lost Fiddler[]

A small tavern in a small human town in the eastern plains of Thraxon. There are about thirty houses, with various farms and a few other buildings around. It was built about thirty years ago but looks more like one hundred years old because the weather is hard on the buildings and people.


A town of men on the shores of the Eastern Sea. It is towards the north, and is the closest town to the Isle of Bones. The city has no walls, but it does have a watchtower system with bells for warnings; Bill Clinker is captain of the guard and a ship captain. Few people in Dunnstal hire out their boats. The Sea Mist is a tavern in the town and one capable of hosting a larger company; it is owned by Ishly Prow.


A city of men on the shores of the Eastern Sea, south of Dunnstal. The Empty Tower is located in Darvish. People in the city trade with many dwarf cities in the region. The people are fair but firm in trading.

Uninhabited Locations[]

Isle of Bones[]

Located in the north part of the eastern sea of Thraxon. Dwarfs with Albrek first settled the island nearly two thousand years ago. After Albrek left, the dwarfs discovered and attacked the dragon Salinor, who in defense and anger destroyed the dwarfs.

Legend said the island was haunted, as no one heard that the dwarfs were destroyed, simply that there was something unnerving about the island.

On his third adventure, Alex and his company discovered the deserted dwarf village. Alex learned of Salinor and the history of the dwarfs. The company took treasure and records and left the island. As they sailed away, Alex cast a spell to hide the island forever.

Gal Tock[]

Located in the southern plains of Thraxon. It is a lone mountain where the morning sun shines on the rocks and makes them appear as gold (hence the dwarf term gal tock, or golden rock). Albrek lead a group of dwarfs to settle there nearly two thousand years ago, and the colony thrived for generations. Just over one hundred years ago, the colony was attacked by a thunderbird, and all the dwarfs were destroyed. Albrek’s tomb is in Gal Tock.


Book 3: Albrek's Tomb