Adventurers Wanted Wiki

Barely five feet tall, wide shoulders, short legs, beard reaching to just below the belt; son of Thorgood Silversmith, from the land of Thraxon. He carries a “large double-headed ax and a short sword” and has “a steel helmet with gold and silver inlays” (1:79). He has some dwarf magic and can start fires using the inferno command. He also prepares a remedy for soreness. He has been on many adventures with Arconn and at least one with Silvan Bregnest.

He is on Alex’s first adventure, and afterwards was made a minister of the dwarf realm of Thraxon.

He leads Alex’s third adventure, Thrang’s first time as a company leader. He is a personal friend of King Thorgood of Thraxon and undertakes a quest for the king.

He has trained many first-time adventurers.

He is well-known and well-liked among the people of Kazad-Syn. When he visits the city, he tosses a few coins to the children, following a custom set down by his great-grandfather. He has a brother, Thorson, who lives in Kazad-Syn, as well as a cousin, Dain, and a nephew, Fivra, who also live there. Another cousin Halfdan lives in Benorg.

On his third adventure, Alex changed him into a raven for a brief time in order to speed recovery of a treasure that he left there earlier.