The Horn of Moran

The Dark Shadow is an evil wraith of great power that travels the Known Lands attempting to gain control. It has been roaming the Known Lands for many centuries. It can speak at least to wizards. Alex met and vanquished it on his first adventure, near the Ruins of Aunk in Vargland.

It later possessed Sedric Valenteen and used him to get to the Tower of the Moon. It obtained the Lower Library by placing it in Val’s bag. Alex confronted Val/Dark Shadow and expelled the Shadow from Val. The Shadow then commanded Val to enter his bag, which he did. The Shadow then fled the land. Alex turned Val’s bag into a breeze, thus preventing the Shadow from returning to claim the Lower Library.

The earliest known appearance of the Shadow is many ages ago, during the Goval civil wars, when it possessed a man who led an army in an attempt to conquer the land. The master was served by Bane, who did not then understand the evil. The Shadow was trapped by four wizards and pulled from the man, but before they could destroy it the man distracted them and the Shadow escaped.


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