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A shadowy organization of evil seeking to take over the Known Lands.

They were initially given the term “Gezbeth” by the wizards council, signifying a multi-headed beast. The oracle Tempe believes that the council’s idea of a multi-headed beast is wrong: “This idea of the Gezbeth does not hold. Evil does not trust or willingly share power. If many evils in different lands are working together, they do so out of fear or with the hope of gaining greater power. Yet there will be only one master, one that all the others fear and obey. He will not share his goals with the lesser evils that he uses” (4:149-150).

The Brotherhood planned to take over Rallian’s body and use him to conquer Nezza. “When Nezza was fully under the control of the Brotherhood, the armies would march to other lands, spreading like a cancer....It was the Brotherhood’s plan to rule the known lands, not for some greater good as they claimed, but simply for the sake of power” (4:353).

There are currently three known wizards associated with the Brotherhood: Magnus, Gaylan, and Jabez.