Tayo Blackman

Tayo Blackman is from Norsland. He is dark-haired and moody on Alex’s first adventure, with his face and dark eyes looking extremely sad (1:39). He carries a heavy sword and shield, along with a long spear. He has been on adventures with Skeld and at least once with Silvan Bregnest before Alex’s first adventure. During one of his previous adventures, his wife Elsa had died and he regretted not being there for her. While fighting Slathbog, he saved Alex's life by driving a spear into one of Slathbogs wings, and Slathbog almost killed him because of it. After nearly dying during the fight with Slathbog, Alex carries a message from Elsa to Tayo, encouraging Tayo to live a happy life. Tayo then is healed and becomes a much happier person. He starts out a serious person, but afterward he has a much better sense of humor.

After Alex’s first adventure, he married Indigo of Oslansk (in [Norsland). Indigo is the daughter of Cara, a magic wielder, and has the potential to use magic. Skeld married Lilly, Indigo's sister.


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