She “is the youngest daughter of King Nordal from the land of Kess. She has two older sisters and three older brothers. She is greatly loved by her family and by all in the kingdom...She has a great talent with animals and can calm even the most angered or fearsome of beasts” (2:310). Tara had a temper and she had definite ideas about things. She would argue as far as she could without offending her companions. Her mother was half-elf but was killed when Tara was young. Because of her elven heritage, she doesn't look quite human, “but not really like an elf either” (2:301).

Tara is a member of a company Alex encounters during his second adventure. (The company is lead by Nellus.) Her father only allowed her to go on Nellus quest because it sounded fairly safe, but when Alex found Tara she was dying from wounds inflicted by a bandit attack. Alex went to The Wall and explained that her mother was in the halls of waiting with the other elves. He brought Tara back from The Wall, and she recovered. Tara's father only let her go on that adventure because he thought it would be safe. Since she has been hurt in a bandit attack, it is unlikely he will let her go on another. Although this is an assumption, perhaps meeting someone like Alex, who brought her back from the wall, will give her the strength and courage to start a new life, on adventures, which is what her mother had intended.


Book 2: The Horn of Moran

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