Silvan Bregnest

Silvan Bregnest (usually just called Bregnest) is the leader of Alex's company of adventures for Alex's first and second adventures.

A very experienced adventurer, Bregnest is tall and lean, with grey eyes and long black hair normally pulled in a pony-tail, with a single, narrow braid running down each side of his face. He is rugged, hardened by time and travel (see 1:37). “He is a man of deep feeling and thought” (2:270) and has great honor and generosity. He is a good judge of horses and men.

He carries a normal sword as well as a two-handed sword and a “round shield with a bright red dragon’s head painted on it” (1:79). He received a prophecy about finding an untrained wizard and warrior and that Bregnest would help set this man on the right path.

King Trion is a cousin.


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