Prince, and then King, of Nezza.

Before Alex's fourth adventure, Rallian was imprisoned by Magnus in an attempt to use Rallian’s body for The Brotherhood. Alex rescued Rallian inadvertently and led Rallian north. Rallian there proclaimed himself as the true king of Nezza and rallied the northern forces. He led an army to retake Karmus. En route, he was captured by Magnus’ forces and taken to the Halls of the Dead in Karmus, where Gaylan and Magnus were going to destroy Rallian’s soul and implant Magnus’ soul in Rallian’s body. Alex thwarted the plan and rescued Rallian.

Rallian was then crowned king of Nezza and married Annalynn, daughter of Lord Talbot of the north. He is now the rightful heir of the ancient kings of Nezza and is such is bound by magic to the land. And as rightful heir, he received the Great Ring of the Kings of Nezza from Alex.


Book 4: The Sands of Nezza

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