A holy or sacred warrior. Wizards know them by a different term, which better describes a paladin’s powers and purpose. They have powers like a wizard, and those powers can be equal or greater than a true wizard’s power. They have such power that a paladin has never been known to bow to a wizard except once, when the paladin Bane bowed to Alex after a contest of wills. They can live for a very long time and are created to fight evil. They are not common in the known lands. When they are created, they are sent on a quest and are given the wizard's power, therefore making the wizard a normal man. It is likely that the subject has to be willing in order to be made a paladin. Alex has the interesting theory that they can only use all their power fulfilling the task they were sent to do, to prevent them from using the power to do things other than their task and defending themselves.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Book 3: Albrek's Tomb

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