Oracles see possibilities of the future and are very highly sought for their wisdom. Oracles are mostly feminine, but can be male. However, their words are often vague or clouded. They can only give guidance, not assurance and they speak in riddles to most. Elves seldom meet with Oracles and only do so to gain wisdom or to not offend an oracle. Conversely, mortals meet with Oracles to learn about themselves. To be called "Friend" by an Oracle is a sign of great honor and respect.

Oracles may extend invitations to persons or companies to visit. These messages are generally sent to the leader of a company, though they may instead be sent to a wizard in the company. Generally persons are only invited to visit the Oracle, but special guests will also be invited to dine with the Oracle. Persons visiting with the Oracle do not divulge their question nor the Oracle’s answer. When a company meets with an Oracle, they are invited in one by one and do not rejoin the company until everyone has met with the Oracle. Going first is a place reserved for honor, such as for nobility or the leader of an adventure. Going last is a place reserved for respect, such as wizards or otherwise individuals. When within an Oracle’s domain, adventurers leave their weapons and magic bags on their beds, though wizards may carry their staffs as a sign of respect and friendship.

They often have crystals that allow them to see possibilities. These crystals will not willingly work for evil.

Inside their towers, the word of the oracle is law. Even wizards would not dare challenge oracles inside their own towers.

“New oracles are often the center of trouble” (3:442).

Known OraclesEdit

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