One of the Known Lands. It is the native land of Skeld, Tayo Blackman, and Anders (Andy) Goodseed.

Norsland map

Geography and RacesEdit

Oslansk, a major city, is about a week’s ride from the Great Arch and is one of the larger cities in the region. It looks like a city carved from white marble, sits on a hillside, and is surrounded by high walls. It is governed by Osgood Longtree, city magistrate, who is widely known as a good man and excellent magistrate. Osgood’s son, Otho, is a bully and was turned into an ox by Alex. Alex reversed the spell after Osgood promised to keep his son in line.

Ollvi, a smaller city, is about two weeks from Oslansk. The Mountains of the Moon are about a month northeast of Ollvi, across a frozen wasteland and through an enchanted forest.

A group of Centaurs lives in a forest somewhat near the Mountains of the Moon. These centaurs are not very trusting of outsiders. A group of Brownies live in an enchanted forest next to the Mountains of the Moon.


Norsland is known for its winters, which are more severe than winters in other lands. There are three months of heavy snow, three months of light snow, and six months without snow. The cold winters last long and summers are somewhat short. “Norsland nights are short in the spring and summer months” (2:69).


Adventurers from Norsland are bound by a debt of honor when another adventurer saves them. The saved adventurer, or one of their family, must save the life of the debt-holder, or give them a share of primary treasure, in order to have honor restored (1:323).

During a wedding, “friends of the groom give gifts to the bride, while friends of the bride give gifts to the groom” (2:51). For Norsland weddings, a ring bearer is a place of honor and the person wears special clothing, and “having a wizard as a ring bearer is considered good luck and a promise for a long and joyful marriage” (2:66).


Book 2: The Horn of Moran

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