One of the Known Lands. It is dominated by men, though there are Elves in the northland and Dwarfs in the far east.

It is a land known for wars, and has been in a state of war for about five hundred years, ever since the last true king left Nezza on an adventure and never returned. However, the kingdoms have not been at open war for some time, until Rallian makes a claim on the throne. As a result of the wars, there are few adventures in Nezza.

The Great Arch is some distance from the capital, Karmus. During Alex’s fourth adventure, the capital was controlled by Lazar, puppet of Magnus, until being overthrown by Rallian.

During the time before Rallian was crowned, there were three groups of people: the wealthy, the peasants, and the soldiers. Also, the lords of the north were more open to outsiders and to magic, perhaps because they are protected by mountains.

The people of Nezza have long been looking for a true king, and Rallian rose up and was crowned the rightful king of Nezza.

All the royal houses of Nezza are related, though the relations might be distant.

The western lands are red desert. The oracle Tempe lives in the western desert. A river ran through the desert, though it was cursed when the last true king of Nezza left the land. Alex broke the curse on his fourth adventure, but by doing so released a spell of remembrance into the land. Also in the desert was a giant snake who was controlled by The Brotherhood. Alex destroyed the snake after it attacked his company.

There was a prophecy given about the return of true kings to Nezza: “The dragon will come and the true king with him, when the desert river flows, and the eastern wind blows. Then the ring will come again, and the wars will find their end.” (4:294). The prophecy was fulfilled during Alex's fourth adventure.


The capital of Nezza and some distance from the Great Arch. It is divided in half by the River Pol. In the middle of the river is an island that overlooks the city and that houses the government offices and dwellingplaces (and a dungeon). Also on the island is the Halls of the Dead, “the burial place of the ancient kings of Nezza” (4:344). A high stone wall surrounds the island.


Book 4: The Sands of Nezza

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