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Neplee is a city in the Dwarf Realm of Thraxon. Alex passed through it on his third adventure. It was the home of both Nethrom and Volo Silverforge.

About two thousand years before Book 3, Neplee was still being built. Albrek supposedly passed by, but, not wanting to cause trouble, moved onward further south towards Gal Tock. Neplee was the home of the Necromancer Nethrom before he discovered the evil Mog. When Alex arrived, he agreed to destroy the evil, and he did.

The gates of Neplee are completely hidden from sight using ancient dwarf magic that has long been lost. Thrang comments that if such magic has been rediscovered, word should have been sent to King Thorgood in Benorg. The company's guide agrees.

Near Neplee, there is a cave guarded by the evil spirit Mog. Legends said that the cave was guarded by either magic or ghosts, or maybe both. The cave holds great magical power, and Nethrom was able to become a great healer through the learning in the cave.