Adventurers Wanted Wiki

The shop

Offical name is Clutter's Adventure Shop.

Located on Sildon Lane, it is the starting place of all adventures, so it is the place where Alex is introduced to adventures. Records of all adventures and adventurers are kept there and are updated by one or two members of a company after each adventure.

Though not the only organizer of adventures, the shop is the most prestigious and well known. A rule of the shop says that Mr. Clutter cannot give out much information about an adventure to someone not in the company.

There are usually has piles of dusty books in the windows, and on occasion a large magical sign appears stating "Adventures Wanted"

It has several rooms, and the front is separated from the back by a blue velvet curtain. Mr. Clutter's office is first and has a large overpiled desk. A wood paneled hallway leads to a few more rooms, one being a parlour where a large picture window looks out onto a snow covered countryside and not a backalley as it should be expected.