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It is one of the Great Swords and is one of the greatest and most ancient swords ever made by the Dark Elves.

It has a blue-black blade with an elegant gold inlay on the hilt, with the sword’s name written on the hilt in the ancient language of the Dark Elves. It’s scabbard is also inlaid with gold. It is elfin made and capable of penetrating even a dragon’s scales. It is made of true silver, but for some reason it is very dark, possibly because of the magic in it.

It has belonged to many great warriors through the years. The sword also chooses its own master. The sword’s master will find honor among the elves so long as he carries it.

The weapon was sold to Mr Blackburn by an adventurer, and in turn Alex bought it. Although it was unknown at the time of Alex's purchase, the sword is worth almost as much as a kingdom.

During battle, the sword imbues its master with its power and desire to destroy evil, accompanied by the joy in the sword’s making but sorrow in why it was made. It can even somewhat take over its master during battle, giving him strength and skills he didn’t have before. When being used in combat, the sword’s edge shines “like blue flame in the moonlight” (1:99) and its master also glows like the pale moonlight.