Some Minor Characters with Separate Wikia EntriesEdit

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Eric Von TealoEdit

An old man with a thin, reedy voice. He lives in Techen, and is a descendent of a member of the king’s guard of the king of Varlo, before Slathbog destroyed the city. His grandfather located a secret tunnel into Slathbog’s castle, a secret passed down through the family. Eric gave this information to Silvan Bregnest on Alex’s first adventure, but died before Bregnest could return to Techen. His grave is kept up by the city of Techen.

Mr RobertsEdit

Owner of Happy Dragon Tavern, father of Todd Roberts, Alex’s guardian and stepfather in name, though he never married Alex’s mother. He was once an adventurer and was good friends with Alex’s parents.


King of the dwarf realm of Vargland and grandfather to Thrain. He does not like pomp and circumstance, and he knows more than he lets on. He is a cousin of Umbar, a lost adventurer whose bag Alex returns to its heir.

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