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A dark wizard who is old, with long, gray hair.

He controlled Lazar, purported ruler of Nezza, during Alex’s fourth adventure.

He has changed names over time, being known as Simeon twenty years ago. He might have been in Nezza for over two hundred years. Before Alex’s fourth adventure, he went around “stirring up old hatreds between the lords and keeping the kingdoms of Nezza from working together. The stories about Simeon all talk about how war and trouble followed him. He used to travel the land, never staying in one place for long. Wherever he went, something bad followed. Sometimes it was war, sometimes crops failed, sometimes there would be a drought or a flood” (4:39).

He will always have three plans: one to defeat an enemy, one to escape, and a third no one ever thought about.

He is allied with The Brotherhood and was going to work with Gaylan to destroy Rallian’s soul and place Magnus’ soul into Rallian’s body in order to control Nezza. Alex thwarted the plan. Magnus escaped but lost his lower left leg and foot. However, because Magnus failed to complete his mission he probably is facing a worse fate than the one Alex had in mind for him.


Book 4: The Sands of Nezza