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Magic bags are essentially a house inside a normal looking bag. The bags are leather and appear empty, but a person can enter and exit a bag using a correct password. The bags and rooms are expandable and can be modified as needed. People store things in bags by putting the bag next to an object or a pile of objects and saying the correct words for everything be transported into and out of the bag. It is not very easy, so one must practice a lot before they are able to do bigger things such as emptying an entire room. Magic bags seem to be able to understand simple commands, such as "separate".

Alex is the only person known to be able to place the entire contents of a room in his bag all at once. Bags are bound to the adventurer so that the bag will stay with the adventurer always, or at least where they last put it. If the adventurer is in the bag, the bag cannot be moved unless powerful magic is used against it.

All bags are registered with the bag maker in Telous, who also knows the heirs and heirs’ locations in case the bag becomes a lost bag.


Magic bags can be the home of wandering creatures, such as Smittys living in a smithy in a magic bag. Joshua Taylor had a sanctuary in his magic bag for smittys.

Food carried in magic bags does not spoil very quickly. Adding a cold room to a magic bag ca allow an adventurer to take foods that need to be kept cold with them.


  • If the Owner is in a bag it cannot be moved, but only if the bag maker places the enchantment on it.
  • Requires passwords to enter and exit.
  • Can be passed on or inherited, but only to named heir.

Known Rooms AvailableEdit

  • Greenhouse
  • Kitchen
  • Treasure Room
  • Library
  • Blacksmith Forge Shop
  • Secret Rooms
  • Hallway-Connecting Corridors
  • Storage Room
  • Ice room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Pool
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