Magic can come in many styles and forms this page describes how magic is used in the series.

Inner Power & Magic Word

Lighting a fire (Inferno)

Putting out a fire (Quench)

Dwarf Magic

Used mostly for building and crafting.

Animate Objects

Lamp jumps and Table moves


Sign in bookstore window changes

Small side table changes into round tea table

Magic bag is changed into a stone Stone is changed into a rabbit

Transport Gates

Backdoor of the Adventure Shop

The Great Arch

Time Gates

In the beginning of Book 1, Arconn and Thrang explain to Alex how he doesn’t need to be in a hurry to get back home because he has passed thru a time gate into the bookshop and he will return close to when he left, no matter how long he is on an adventure; though he will still age while on the adventure. He can also choose a younger age when he chooses another adventure.

Goblin Shaman Magic === Not much is known about true Goblin Shamans except that they are even more rare than true wizards. Lesser Goblin Shamans have significantly less power, but are still deadly in numbers. Goblin Shaman staffs more often then not have human skulls on top and will start flashing brightly according to the shaman's emotion.

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