Adventurers Wanted Wiki

When an adventurer dies and his magic bag is lost but then recovered by another adventurer, the bag is considered a lost bag. An adventurer who finds lost bags is honorbound to return them to the heirs, and doing so greatly increases the honor of that adventurer.

Each land and race have varying traditions with returning a lost bag. In the dwarf realm of Vargland, there is a ceremony before a court. For humans in Norsland, only the bag holder, bag heir, and a witness for each attend a simple returning ceremony. But in all lands the general return is the bag holder and the bag heir meeting, usually with witnesses, when the bag heir gives the passwords to the bag holder. Normally the bag heir offers part of the treasure in the bag as a reward to the bag holder for returning the bag.

Early during his first adventure, Alexander Taylor defeated a troll, who had in its cave seven lost bags. Alex took upon himself the duty and honor of returning the bags to the heirs.

The first lost bag belonged to dwarf Umbar, son of Olin, of the dwarf realm of Vargland. The heir is Umbar, son of Umbar. For its return, Alex receives one-third of the treasure in the bag and one hundred true silver pennies. Among the treasure are many bags of true silver, some of which Alex gives to his adventurer companions.

The second lost bag belonged to Jonathan Cain of Norsland. The heir is Tom, a son, who lives in Ollvi in Norsland. Jon Cain left a wife, three sons (including Tom), and three daughters. When the bag was returned, Tom’s family had fallen on hard times, but they used the newfound wealth to restore many of their lost opportunities.

The third lost bag belonged to Hathnord Glynn of Kazad-Syn in Thraxon. The heir is Haymar Glynn, who lives in Kazad-Syn. When Alex went to return the bag, Haymar’s half-brother Halbrek Glynn laid claim on the bag. Alex spoke with both of them, learned of Halbrek’s treachery, and to expose Halbrek publicly humiliated him during the bag’s returning ceremony. The bag was returned to Haymar.