He goes by Joe and is a former adventurer and current member of the Order of Malgor. He is tall, with dark, graying hair. He was once a friendly, outgoing person, but since retiring from being an adventurer he has become reclusive. He lives in Nezza, about a day from the Great Arch.

On his last adventure, a Demon Blade chose him as his owner. Because it is a blade “from myth and legends[;] a weapon not meant for this world,” because “the blade has a hunger for battle and for blood,” and because “it is said that such weapons change the person who wields them, and not always for the better,” Joe retired from being an adventure and secluded himself in Nezza (4:54-55).

He passed information to the Order of Malgor about the deteriorating condition in Nezza, but nothing was done about it. Alex went to Joe when Alex came to Nezza to rescue Skeld, and gathered useful information from Joe. He also gave Joe some of his magic to help him retain control when using the demon blade, so he could wield it but not be overcome.


Book 4: The Sands of Nezza

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