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The most notable building of Telous and at its center, the Golden Swan is the great inn of Telous. Here, adventurers gather to begin and end their quest. The inn is three stories tall with “white walls and many windows, each with emerald-green shutters and trim” (1:36). A large, golden swan with emerald eyes hangs over the main entrance (ibid). The building is inviting and friendly. The inn also has a good stable with a fair price where adventurer’s horses may be kept between adventures.

Inside the Golden Swan, servants come at the ringing of a golden bell. Their menu is unknown, but has "eggs, bacon, and fried potatoes" (1:70). It is most likely considerably large, as Alex is "stunned by the variety of food he saw on the trays" (1:64).

Mr. Clutters wardrobe opens up inside the Swan.

Alex thinks it looks friendly, inviting, and impressive, and it is the "finest tavern in Telous and the favorite of most adventurers" (2:31).