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Creatures of evil. They are a warlike race. They can see in the dark. They gamble with their lives. “The lives of others, even of their own kind, mean little” to them (2:138). They live in caves and avoid sunlight if at all possible because “they are unsteady on their feet while the sun is up” (2:149). They “go barefoot, or they wear square-toed boots with iron soles” (2:152). They seldom travel to others of the Known Lands because such travel is difficult for them.

Goblin shamans are magic wielders with powerful magic and “are normally escorted by a hundred of their fiercest warriors” (2:139). True shamans are rare, “even more rare than wizards” (2:179). True shamans are born with their powers, “they need little training, and their power grows slowly for as long as they live. Also, true shamans wear dark colors, such as blacks and browns. True shamans carry a staff, usually topped with a human skull. A true shaman can choose a lesser shaman and teach him to use magic. Lesser shamans have limited powers, but can still be deadly” (2:179). Lesser shamans wear bright colors, such as reds and greens.


Book 2: The Horn of Moran

Book 5: The Axe of Sundering