One of the three prominent races of the Known Lands, along with Elves and Humans. They can live many hundreds of years and remember that they are one race and people.


Dwarfs have a great sense of honor and generosity and are willing to give their entire fortunes to friends or companions if needed. They can be insulted if someone turns down a generous offer from them. If a king takes a person’s arm and walks with that person into a feast room, that person is being shown great respect.

Dwarfs are not always friendly with other dwarfs, nor are elves always welcome among dwarfs.

They are masters at working with true silver and guard carefully whatever true silver they do obtain. Some dwarfs have magic. “Dwarfs are known for the binding spells they can put on wood to make it almost as hard as stone” (3:181). There are few dwarf wizards. Sometimes dwarfs will put a sneezing spell on a door to force an intruder to sneeze and reveal his presence.


Dwarfs generally live in caves and have grand cities, whether above or below ground. Though they live underground, they enjoy above ground. They often mark their realms with engraved stones. Dwarf cities in distress sometimes destroy their boundary markers.

Dwarfs are people of the land and are not wont to travel much by water.

They carefully guard their treasure and never throw away their wealth unless threatened with death.

Most dwarf houses contain a secret room where the family will guard most of its treasure. Most dwarf villages have a central hall where the village records and wealth will be stored.

A human named as lord of a dwarf city is unheard of; Alex is the only known human to be so named (as a lord of Neplee in Thraxon).


When a dwarf turns 50 years old, he may seek an oracle to try and become an adventurer, though few dwarfs are ever chosen.

Known DwarfsEdit


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