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Book Summary[]

Alex joins his friends Silvan Bregnest and Andy Goodseed to find the Horn of Moran and return it to the true king of Alusia before the land breaks out into civil war. The adventurers head to Norsland to search for the horn, and on the way stop by Oslansk for the wedding of Skeld and Tayo Blackman.

After the wedding, the adventurers continue the search, along the way returning a lost bag. The company encounters Goblins and Centaurs. They eventually find the Tower of the Moon, they have to outwit a sphinx and prove worthy to the griffins. where the party discovers that Sedric Valenteen is possessed by The Dark Shadow. Alex outwits the Shadow, but Val is lost in the process. Alex then recovers the Horn and returns with the company to Alusia, where Alex tricks a usurper to give up his claim as true king of Alusia.

Finally, Whalen Vankin meets Alex in Telous, where Alex takes a wizard's Staff. Alex then returns to his home on Earth.

Chapter Summaries[]

Book 2: The Horn of Moran—Chapter Summaries It was a really good book and if you havnt read it you really should because it is great, If you have read it, You should continue the series and all of his other book series.


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