Slathbog's Gold


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Alexander Taylor (or Alex) sees a sign in Mr Clutter's Bookstore calling for adventurers (the sign says "Adventurers Wanted," hence the name of the series). He enters the store, and Cornelius Clutter signs him up for an adventure, to his utter dismay-for he did not even know adventures could be sold. Alex meets with his company, gathers supplies, and heads to Vargland.

In Vargland he defeats a three-legged troll and recovers seven lost bags, visits the Oracle of The White Tower, fights bandits and discovers the power of his sword, spends time in the dwarf realm, defeats the Shadow and nearly dies (but is brought back by an elf queen, Calysto), defeats the dragon Slathbog, rescues a friend, Tayo, from the Wall (the place where mortals die), and returns to Telous. He re-enters the normal world and resumes his life there with his step-father and his step-brother.

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Book 1: Slathbog's Gold—Chapter Summaries


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  • Elvish Book (Magic)


First book and first adventure.

Alex starts in his home world (Earth?) then enters Mr Clutter's shop.

After joining an adventure he travels to Telous.

In Telous he is equiped for the adventure and spends the night in the Golden Swan.

The adventures travel to the Great Arch and enter Vargland.

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