• Dantevento

    Defunct Categories

    May 11, 2020 by Dantevento

    This is an on-going list of defunt categories that probably shouldn't be used anymore. When in doubt pick the plural or more specific categories. 

    • Place (see Category:Locations)
    • Places (see Category:Locations)
    • Females (see Category:Female Characters)
    • Woman (see Category:Female Characters)
    • Males (see Category:Male Characters)
    • Shop (see Category:Shops)
    • Magicians (see Category:Magic users)
    • Magic user (see Category:Magic users)

    I'll update this if there are anymore, but the list of categories is looking pretty good now. If you feel any of these defunt categories are wrongfully defunt discuss that in the comments here. Thanx!

    Dantevento (talk)
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  • Malinda Le Chat

    Hey guys, 

    So there is a fan-made discord for this fandom that a group of us set up, and I wanted to share it with you so anyone wanting another platform to talk to fans of the series can use it! It's mainly just fangirling rn (bc of a bunch of us met through fanfiction writing for the series) but anyone and everyone is free to join so long as they are respectful and enjoy the series! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

    Here is the link to the discord:

    (You do need a discord account to access the server, but discord is free and can be accessed online through the webpage, desktop app, or the phone app, up to you)

    Hope to meet you there! 

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  • Mordrayus

    So I've always been a fan of this book series and after reading a sort of resolution of the storyline at the end of the 5th book I was honestly kinda sad. I've loved this series since the first book and wanted to see where the story of the world was going. Then about a year ago I had a realization for a cool oneshot in the Adventurer's Wanted Universe where the party were a adventuring party in the world. I ran it with them and they seemed to like it so much they wanted to expand on it into a full campaign. I've been working my butt off to give them a story they'll enjoy and I like what I have so far, but some fresh ideas would be nice. So what are some good things I could use? Ideas are greatly appreciated

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  • Miabool

    Assuming that Alex comes from a world like the real one, what would an adventure there be like? How would adventurers react to things like airplanes? Remember how Andy reacted to the idea of paper money? How old everyday people react? Then again, Alex hasn't had thoughts that lead readers to believe the world he comes from is like ours. For example, he is a dishwasher. If machines existed to do that job for him, they would have it. It wouldn't make sense for a tavern to be able to afford having three floors hut not a dishwasher. Then again, he suspected the sign in the store to have some sort of machine changing it, so there is technology. Does anyone else have any speculations as to what Alex's world might be like? Or at least imagine Th…

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  • Miabool

    There are many villains in the series. The brotherhood, Mog, and the Dark Shadow included. How do they connect? Why did both the dark shadow and Mog want Iowanan's crystal ball? So many questions and so little answers. Are the brotherhood and the Gezbeth two independent things? Feel free to find some answers.

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  • Miabool

    Tayo's grief after losing his wife is understandable. He really missed her. Elsa tells him to move on, but he does rather quickly. He couldn't have forgotten Elsa that fast. Either he didn't care for Elsa too much, or he doesn't really love Indigo? What do you think?

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  • Miabool

    The first three books were great. But is Alexander Taylor becoming a little overpowered? He is never defeated and nothing ever seems to pose a challenge to him. I mean of course he is the main character. It is all about him overcoming challenges. But his power is heading into the extremes. I love the series, but I hope Gaylan poses more of a challenge.

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  • Plasmaelfwarrior

    Axe of Sundering

    January 14, 2015 by Plasmaelfwarrior

    Please post any info you have on book 5

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  • LeoValdez78

    Other book?

    February 4, 2014 by LeoValdez78

    Has M.L. Forman made any other books?

    I can't wait until the next book comes out.

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