He is a paladin. Alex encounters him in Thraxon during Alex’s third adventure. He is known by many names and is very ancient, probably a few millennia old. He was born in Goval before it was divided into two lands. He was sixteen when the Goval civil wars began. He enlisted in an army and took naturally to warfare. When he was eighteen he was given command of a squad, and by twenty he commanded a company.

When he was twenty-one, his army joined another “and [he] received a new lord to rule [him] in [his] deadly game” (3:98). The new leader began to train Bane in the art of war, including the evil arts. Bane learned to be cold and cruel.

He and his master were caught by opposing armies and were cornered by four wizards. The wizards extracted The Dark Shadow from Bane’s master but were distracted by the master and so the Shadow escaped. The wizards then freed Bane from the darkness that had been cast upon him.

He traveled with the wizards over the years, learning and healing. One day the wizards came together to give Bane the quest to find and destroy the Shadow. The wizards then imbued their power into Bane and ceased to be full wizards. Ever since, Bane has been hunting the Shadow.


Book 3: Albrek's Tomb

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