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Arconn is the first elf that Alex meets. He is from the house of Dalious from the land of Delanor. He appears in Alex's first adventure (Vargland) and third (Thraxon). He is good friends with Sindar and Thrang Silversmith, and is known as basically the second-in-command on Alex's first adeventure with Bregnest.

He is close to six feet tall with long, silver-blond hair. He has a "happy, almost glowing, face" and has a clear, musical voice. He chooses clothing of various shades of green. He carries a longbow with a quiver of black arrows and a long knife. He has excellent hearing and, as all elves, can speak with animals. He is very skillful at writing and in words. He has visited oracles on many occasions, though rarely for himself. He has great respect for dragons and once met Salinor. He is nearly three thousand years old. He has always had a great respect and love for his kinsmen.