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There are ancient books that contain writings on magic, mysteries, and other knowledge that was known but lost from the memory of the races. The oldest of these books “date from the time just after the creation of the Known Lands, before the different races spread out from their own lands” (3:229). These books are exceedingly rare. Some are simple, just showing the history of the Known Lands. Others are full of power and can teach about magic. Some can even transfer power to the reader.

They are different from normal books in that the magic books “are not so much read as experienced” and when “you read these books, it [is] not like reading, it will be as if you are there” (3:205). “As you study the pages, the letters will begin to take shape in your mind. Eventually it will be like a dream, and you will see and hear what the books have to say” (3:477).

Salinor guarded some of these books, but gave them to Alex when Alex went to the Isle of Bones.


Book 3: Albrek's Tomb