Alusia is the land where Bregnest and Whalen Vankin are from. It contains the land of Athanor, which is ruled by King Trion.

Alex instantly liked Alusia when he first saw it after entering the Great Arch. "The land was made up of gently rolling hills and the air smelled fresh and clean." (2:295) Alex moves to Alusia at the end of the third book, an idea originally suggested to him by Whalen in the second book.

Alusia has many grasslands full of tall grasses that gently sway in the wind. The grasslands are dotted by small clusters of oak trees, which adds a darker shade of green to the landscape.

In the springtime, the temperature stays relatively warm. According to Bregnest, "In high summer it is not so green and in winter it rains most days." (2:296) It only gets a little colder in winter, and it is never as cold as Norsland in springtime.

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