Known as Alex by his friends, he is the main character of the series. He is a wizard, warrior, adventurer, healer, Elf Friend, Friend of the dwarfs, Friend of Oracles, Friend of the Tower of the Moon, Friend of the Wizard Council, a Lord of Neplee, Dragon lord, Dragon Slayer and a Guardian. He is from Earth though travels and lives in the Known Lands.

Description[edit | edit source]

He has blue-green eyes and sandy-blond hair. His birthday is in late October. When he becomes an adventurer, he is 15 years and 10 months old. As confirmed by the author, the land he is from is like the real world. There are airplanes, cars, and electricity.

Family[edit | edit source]

  • Father: Joshua Taylor (has no memory of knowing him)
  • Mother: unknown (died when he was 7)

Mother asked Mr. Roberts to care for Alex

  • Stepfather: Mr. Roberts
  • Stepbrother: Todd Roberts

He is a blend of many races and has within him at least the blood of humans, Elves, Dwarfs, and dragons. He is also related to almost all the royal families of the Known Lands, including the elvin and dwarf royalty. He is of Salinor's bloodline. Both of his parents had dragon blood, so dragon blood runs especially strong in him.

Character and Attributes[edit | edit source]

Alex quickly discovers he has a great heritage, including being born with the capacity to become a Wizard.  As the books progress Alex proves to be stronger than he or anyone else would expect, being endowed with incredible natural gifts.  Despite this Alex remains quite humble and uses his power quite wisely, though admittedly learning many lessons along the way.

Alexander Taylor

He is fiercely loyal to his friends and is widely known for his kindness and generosity. He is always willing to help those in need, but also has a sense of justice and will meet it out to those who need it.

His greatest wealth is the love of friends and their hopes for him (3:368).

He is very close with his first horse, Shahree, sharing a bond with her closer than any other man-horse bond known to most people. Shahree died on his third adventure. Alex then chose Dar Losh as his second horse. He was watched by The Watchers during the beginning of his second adventure. Griffins judged him as having no evil intent.

His true name is Invictus.

Abilities and Skills[edit | edit source]

He is a wizard, warrior, and adventurer. Many acknowledge him as the greatest, or potential to be the greatest, wizard in the Known Lands. He is equal in power to Salinor, the lord of dragons.

He is also a healer and has traveled many times to The Wall to call back people almost dead or to help others travelling near the wall. His first three trips happened during his first adventure: he was first called back from The Wall by Arconn, then second by Calysto, and his third trip was to call back Tayo Blackman. His fourth trip to call back Tara happened during his second adventure. He visited The Wall in Tom's dream during Alex's fourth adventure, and then actually went to the Wall, once with Tom to show him the Wall and again to call Tom back from the Wall.

He has learned dwarf runes and elvish.

He has learned how to rest without sleeping, much like elves, though he can only go for a few days before needing to rest, and then only if needed.

He is capable of transforming inanimate objects into living creatures and back again.

He can turn into a dragon without fear of losing his mind (a true-silver dragon is his second true form, along with being human). Alex is a dragon lord.

Renown and Recognition[edit | edit source]

He is named as an elf friend on his first adventure, and a friend of the dwarf realm of Vargland. He is a friend of the Tower of the Moon and can come and go freely (without being challenged by the Guardians). He is named a lord of Neplee, a dwarf city in Thraxon. He is given title in the kingdom of Nezza.

He defeated and killed the dragon Slathbog and as such is known as a dragon slayer.

Becoming a Wizard[edit | edit source]

To become a wizard, his four great tasks were defeating the Wraiths at the ruins of Aunk, killing Slathbog and incinerating his carcass, destroying the Lower Library of the Tower of the Moon and driving off The Dark Shadow, and stopping a war in Athanor (in Alusia).

He is the first wizard to have been chosen by three equal staffs. His conflagration of the staffs was the first to occur in over one thousand years. After obtaining his staff, he takes the wizard’s oath and becomes a true wizard. This happens at the end of his second adventure. Whalen believes that the event of him choosing his staff may count as a fifth great wizard task, implying that there is another level of status he can achieve.

At the end of his second adventure, he is named a true wizard and a friend of the council of wizards.

Dual Nature[edit | edit source]

He is both man and dragon. He is a true silver dragon, and as such as the special connection with a land’s magic that only true silver dragons have. His wings are thirty feet long and can breathe fire. His armor is impenetrable and he has “claws that could crush the hardest stone like soft dirt, and a whiplike tail that could shatter the best defenses of any enemy he faced” (3:395).

Alex's Magic Bag[edit | edit source]

On Alex’s first adventure, his magic bag contains four rooms with one being expandable. After his first adventure he modifies the bag to include a bathroom, bedroom, ice room, and library. Towards the end of his second adventure, he modified his library to expand as needed and added a second treasure room. Before his third adventure, he added a greenhouse and a second expanding room.

After his first adventure he is given his father's magic bag by Mr.Roberts, who had secretly known alex's father was an adventurer and hid the fact that he was an adventurer himself.

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