Adventurers are persons who gather in small groups to undertake a quest.

They are honor bound to help other adventurers in peril. When one adventurer company rescues another, the rescued party gives some compensation to the rescuers. Returning a lost bag is “the sworn duty of adventurers[,] as well as an honor and a burden” (3:34).

The presence of adventurers in a land often helps to reduce dangers that might otherwise spring up in an area.

The honor of an adventurer is extremely important. Disobeying a company leader can bring dishonor, as can losing a share of one’s treasure. There are many other ways to lose honor. Adventurers also are always led by a leader. The leader is the first to be hired and recruits the adventurers for the quest.

If dwarves want to become adventurers, at age fifty, they visit an oracle who tells them whether or not they will become one.

People can also become adventurers if they see the sign in Mr. Clutters window.

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